After being transferred up here with the Coast Guard (2012), and retiring in 2015; I decided this was where I wanted to stay and build my retirement home.  I heard of Brad (Barnett Building) quite by accident (through the plumber-who did some work in the apt I was living in) and casually asked if he knew of anyone who did home construction in the area.  He mentioned Brad Barnett and suggested I call him.  I am so glad I did; and so very thankful he accepted to take on such a build challenge for me.  My home was a kit home, through IHC (International Homes of Cedar)  which posed some unique building challenges vs. the conventional stick framed styles built.  From the beginning, he was most professional, honest, upfront with costs, and how he conducted his business.  I was also glad to know he was certified to install septic systems as my property needed a well and septic installed.  I asked a lot of questions throughout this whole ordeal and, he, graciously, was very willing to answer all; yet alone put up with me!!  I moved in last March, 2017.

Now, fast forward to November 3rd 🙁 as I had a bonfire a little too close to home.  The west side and first floor room were pretty well charbroiled.  Many thanks to the wonderful VFD for their timely response (kept it from spreading).  Well, after contacting insurance folks, etc.  I contacted Brad and he came out and surveyed the damage. Knowing how busy he was, I so appreciated that he willingly found time to help me out and rebuild the damaged areas.  As you can see by the pictures (west side of home) the original/dark side/rebuild; my home is as good as new!!   This was no easy re-build either.  So I moved back in for a second time (hopefully last) in July, 2018.  All is going well so far! 🙂

I’ll end with saying that not only was I completely satisfied (twice) with Brad (Barnett Building); but also his expert team he assembled.  They were all friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated to the building trade, and neat (as didn’t trash the property-always cleaned up after projects, etc.).  That also included the use of subcontractors (Plumber, electricians, tile guys, cement guys, well diggers, sheet rockers, etc.) that he coordinated with for my build project.  All were very professional. 

I am totally satisfied with my new home (again), and look forward to having a garage built and landscaping done in the near future by “Barnett Building.”

– Candy D.